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Commitment for 60GB €9.99/month plan

Hi, I'm an exchange student to France and I was wondering if you can help me with a few queries here:

(a) Regarding your 60GB €9.99/month plan for first 6 months, may I know if there are any commitments required for it? As I am only staying here for 5 months, can I take this plan and terminate my line after 5 months?

(b) May I know which carriers can I roam on when I go to other EU countries? Eg. UK, Germany etc.

(c) At the end of my exchange (5 months later), may I know how I can terminate my line?

Thank you very much!



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Hi Yuan,
(a) The 60 GB offer 9.99 € for 6 months then 18.99 € is not linked to a commitment.
(b) In this offer, calls from France to foreign countries are not included in your offer.
however when you are in a country of the European Union you have an internet envelope and calls and sms are included in your package.
(c) For the cancellation you can contact the customer service who will give you the appropriate steps before your departure.
excuse me for any mistakes, my english is not perfect.
Sincerely, Maureen

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