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when u will stop steal money from my bank account?

My phone with tariff 100MB became really pain in my ass. 1st month u take 13euro instead of 2 euro. 2nd month u take 25 euro. I go post office they say there is a mistake about using internet and promise to call during 3 days and nobody call. I DONT USE internet on mobile!!! This option even blocked in my mobile settings!!! Then i ask question here in forum and u nicely answer that there is a mistake and internet wasnt overused and very soon it will be corrected. And what? My mobile two months not used at all. U blocked my line. And this month u take 15 euro FOR INTERNET!!!. So 65 euro for mobile i didnt use at all. U really criminal. Now I give u 5 days to correct ur mistakes and send me oficial letter with ur answer and with report what was the mistake why it happened and what u ve done for correct it! Otherwise I will go to my lawyer and will give u a trial. AND BE SURE I WILLL WIN. Coz im right and can prove it. Enough test my patience. Everything have limits. And pls dont send me private messages. I want make it public and people read also and know what goes on. I give u information right here. The phone nr is 0641382291 My name is Kovalchuk Anna.

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Good morning anna,
You benefit in your mobile offer of 100MB of internet included. Beyond the internet included in your package, you are charged 0.05cts of euros per MB. If you do not disable the mobile data on the phone, that - It does automatic updates and consumes the internet.
On your bill of September 2017, for an amount of 12.96 euros you used 266.18 MB, you were therefore charged 166.18 MB out of package.Concerning the invoice of October 2017, the amount of 24.63 euros you used 442.39 Mo therefore billed 342.39 MB out of package.
For the invoice of November 2017, in the amount of 15.74th you used 268.64 MB out of package.
There are no bill discrepancies.
As of 26/10/2017 you have requested the deactivation of internet services, this has been done on your mobile line.
On the invoice of November 2017 the invoiced internet connections were made on 09/10/2017.
I inform you that you remain liable for an amount of 19.11 euros corresponding to your invoice for the month of October 2017 which is unpaid in the amount of 24.63 e -5.52 e refund.
I invite you to regularize your invoice as soon as possible in order to find the functionalities of your line.
I remain at your disposal for any additional information.