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Hi, my la poste mobile SIM card was deactivated once ma french bank account was rejected, euroaction asking for money ?

I opened a bank account at ma french bank , they advised me to get a SIM card from la poste mobile and pay through ma french bank 10 euro every month , I accepted and gave them 15€ . After that ma French bank account was rejected and I couldn't pay 10€ cause money can be collected only through ma french bank account then they stopped the service of the SIM card , I tried many times to call la poste mobile but in vain. Now euroaction company is harassing me to pay 34,60€ ? I need your help ?!



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Hello Amir,

Following the subscription of your package, you have an invoice which is published every month. If your invoices are rejected by your bank, you can make the payment by another means (by credit card with Customer Service, from your Customer Space and from a post office, but also by Eficash, by check and by bank transfer.) If there is no payment, limitations are placed on your line, this will then cause the suspension of your line, then termination. During this period you receive reminders.

Note that Customer Service can be reached at 904 from a La Poste Mobile line, 0970 808 660 from another station, by email from your Customer Area and on social networks.

In order to be able to access your file and carry out the verifications, I invite you for confidentiality reasons to join us in a private message.

I just sent you a private message.