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I lost my sim card, so I need to get or buy a new sim card. But I wonder if I can use the same number even if I change my sim card.
If I can, please tell me how to do.



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Bonjour wonky,

If I understand correctly, you have lost your SIM card, you want to order a new one and know if you could keep the same telephone number, is that correct?


Hello Wonky

Yes, you can get a new sim card while keeping your current number with La Poste Mobile. Here's how to proceed:

-Log in to your Mobile Customer Area.
-Go to the section MY PHONE/MY SIM.
-Click on Report theft or loss.
-Check loss or theft depending on your situation, and click on Validate then Confirm. Your line will be suspended within a maximum of 4 hours.
-To continue enjoying full services without changing your number, you can choose to order a new sim card only or to order a new SIM card and a new phone.
-Select the loss or theft reason when changing your sim card, then click on Order.
-Ordering a new SIM card costs 5€ and will be charged directly to your next bill.

Once you receive your new SIM card, you will need to activate it:

-In the MY PHONE/MY SIM section of your Mobile Customer Area, click on sim card activation.
-Enter the 20 digits of your new SIM card and click on Validate.

A message will confirm the activation of your sim card. The recovery time is 2/3 hours. Remember to regularly restart your phone!