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new SIM card - network not available

Hi, I am sorry i write in english but i just got to France. i ordered a SIM card online and got it today. my phone recognised the internet settings, but i cant connect to the network itself (which also means I didnt recieve a SMS yet).
Can anyone please give me some advice what to do?
Thank you!



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At first, I invite you to check the "message center" which should be: +336 09 00 13 90.

Can you also turn off and on your mobile phone by entering your PIN code which is 0000.

About the internet connection, please follow these indications :

  • "Paramètres/réglages".
  • Activate cellular data
  • -" Plus.../plus de réseaux".

    • "Réseaux mobiles".
    • "Noms des points d'accès".

    In "noms des points d'accès", delete all the APN present (in order to create two).

    Créer un APN (en sélectionnant "+" ou "nouveau") :

    First APN (internet) :
    Nom : WEB La Poste Mobile
    APN : sl2sfr
    Proxy/port : non défini
    Don't touch to the other sections and then, save.

    Create a second APN (MMS) :
    Nom : MMS La Poste Mobile
    APN : sl2sfr
    MMSC : http://mmmsdebitel
    Proxy MMS :
    Port MMS : 8080
    MCC : 208
    MNC : 10
    Don't touch to the other sections and then, save.

    Turn off and on the mobile.

    I would like to check too your line, can you, please, give me the telephone number ?

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